Oasis Cipher ParaTime

A new ParaTime coming to the Oasis Network

Oasis Network is a layer-one, PoS decentralized network that has a consensus layer and a ParaTime layer. The consensus layer is fully decentralized with 100 validators distributed across the globe. The ParaTime Layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated compute environment with shared state. Oasis Foundation plans to launch the Cipher ParaTime soon, which will be the second ParaTime on the network, following Oasis-Eth ParaTime.

What’s Oasis Cipher ParaTime?

Core Features:

  • Oasis ROSE tokens will be the native token used in the ParaTime for gas fees
  • Support for WebAssembly smart contracts
  • Support for confidential compute

How to join the Cipher ParaTime?

  • All ParaTime nodes are required to have SGX available. Here are the instructions on how to run an SGX node.

ParaTime Incentives

  • The reward program is 2 years long, and tokens will be released per epoch.
  • The reward will be 10~20 ROSE tokens per entity per epoch, where the Oasis Protocol Foundation will make the final decision on the reward size upon the testnet launch. Epochs are currently produced at a one per hour speed and each node has 1/3 of chance of being selected in the primary committee to claim the rewards, hence a node entity can earn 80~160 ROSE tokens per day and 2400~4800 ROSE tokens per month.

Incentivized Testnet

The Meaning Behind the Name

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